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company news about Precautions for laying Biaxial plastic geogrid

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Company News
Precautions for laying Biaxial plastic geogrid
Latest company news about Precautions for laying Biaxial plastic geogrid

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Biaxial plastic geogrid is a network structure with a square appearance. It is a kind of high-strength geotechnical material formed by extrusion and longitudinal and transverse stretching with polypropylene as the main raw material. Because the biaxial plastic geogrid is in the horizontal It has great tensile strength in both vertical and horizontal directions, and is widely used in soft foundation reinforcement treatment. The actual use effect of the two-way plastic geogrid is remarkable, and it has a great price advantage, the application potential is great, and the development prospect is very broad.

The biaxial plastic geogrid is widely used:


1. Biaxial plastic geogrids are mainly used for soft foundation treatment, roadbed reinforcement, side slope protection, bridge abutment reinforcement, wing walls, retaining walls, isolation and reinforced soil engineering on highways;


2. The use of dual-axis plastic geogrids on railways can prevent premature settlement and destruction of railways on soft soil foundations;


3. Biaxial plastic geogrids are mainly used in water conservancy projects for dikes, dams, rivers, canals, embankment construction, reservoir reinforcement, etc.;


4. The dual-axis plastic geogrid can increase the load-bearing capacity of the runway by strengthening the airport foundation and ensure the safety of aircraft taking off and landing;


5. The dual-axis plastic geogrid can also be used in other fields such as garbage site treatment, power plant ash dam engineering, coal mines, metallurgy, greening, fences and so on.

Although the dual-axis plastic geogrid is used in many engineering fields, there are still many details to pay attention to in the actual construction process:



The paving surface of the biaxial plastic geogrid should be relatively flat. After the paving layer has passed the experience, to prevent longitudinal skew phenomenon, first draw a white line or hanging line on the paving layer according to the width, and then start paving. Then fix the ends of the grille with iron nails (8 nails per meter width, fixed at even distance).



After fixing the ends of the grille, use the paving machine to slowly pull the grille forward, and manually tighten and straighten it every 10 meters long until one roll of grille is finished, and then another roll. The operation is the same as before.



After laying a roll, use a 6T-10T roller from the starting point to roll it in the forward direction. (If paving on the middle layer and leveling layer, it is better to use a steel roller roller; if the grid is directly laid on the concrete pavement, it is better to use a rubber roller roller.)



Splicing: take the length of the roll as the length of the paving section. After the section length of the grid should be spread, check the paving quality as a whole, and then pave the next section. When laying the next section, the grid and the grid can be overlapped with a length of 10-15CM, and fixed with iron nails or wooden wedges, and then continue to pave the second section in the forward direction. By analogy, the operation requirements are the same as before.


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