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company news about The embodiment of geotextile in greening ecological environment

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Company News
The embodiment of geotextile in greening ecological environment
Latest company news about The embodiment of geotextile in greening ecological environment


First, the moisture is allowed to cross - circulate in the soil between the bags.

This moisture is the moisture that the vegetation loses as it grows, and will not cause fruit or soil erosion by rain or watering.

Secondly, geotextiles demand an ideal seeding block for green plants.

The soil is impermeable to water, and the grass can grow from the outside or in the name. The vegetation is extremely good. The root system of vegetation can grow freely between bags, and the root system connects each geotextile firmly and builds a stable ecological slope forever.

Green ecological environment is called for by the society, constantly geotextile in the project by the attention of the masses and at the same time, the ecological revetment engineering system is a software material building gentle slope, retaining wall, greening and completion of the reservoir, bank of plane type, real performance project set up for the southern district of, energy conservation, ecological and green project, take a deep breath of life.

The project does not require high energy consumption, high pollution of steel bone, lime, stone and other hard materials, but can also be used for vertical or near vertical steep rock slope, drainage ditch and reservoir repair.


Three points for attention of gravel construction on geotextile

1. Gravel entry and paving shall be managed by special persons throughout the whole process;

The construction should be supervised by professional supervision engineers;

2. Gravel paving only allows crawler mechanical vehicles to construct on gravel with a thickness of not less than 60cm, and no other mechanical vehicles are allowed to enter;

3. Gravel dumping and paving shall be strictly controlled (the net height of the impermeable layer shall be no more than 50cm), and barbaric operation is strictly prohibited.


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